Sunday, September 12, 2010

Islamic software for mobile phones

In the recent past I have come across two Islamic websites which has developed a number of Islamic software's which are really useful. I am sure that there are many other sites and products out there but
and are the two sites I am familiar with to comment on. What impressed me the most in these two sites are the mobile software which are very handy. All software products in can be found in this link and in the Download menu for

Some useful mobile software in these sites
- Quran recitation for mobile
- Mobile halaal food guide
- Prayer times for mobile
- Zakath calculator for mobile
- 99 names of ALLAH for mobile
- Hadith for mobile
- Dua's for mobile
- Dhawa kit for mobile
- Quibla direction for mobile

How to Download and Use 
- Fill in the forms in the download pages and download the zip files.
- Extract the files.
- Transfer the .jar files to your phone and click on it to install.
- Follow the onscreen instructions and the applications should be installed.

Once downloaded don't forget to send the setup(.jar file) via Bluetooth to your friends and family so that they also may install and use.


    Informasi CPNS dan Lowongan Kerja said...

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